Mood Stabilizer Ad

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During my search for ads to depict the history of psych meds, I found a distinct lack of ads for mood stabilizers.  Cheers to Gianna for sending this one my way, and if anyone else has some stored up, please share!  I am also trying to get my hands on the original Zyprexa commercial, which depicts a woman going shopping (on a “manic spending spree”, needless to say), and then returning home to paint her walls red.  It seems to have been removed from the public domain.  If anyone knows where an underground copy is hiding, again, please let me know!

Oh Lithium, the drug that made me feel like my brain had actually died before my body, and then nearly killed my body.  Not many 21 year-olds have to spend 5 days on central-line blood dialysis…

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jenniferlreimerMood Stabilizer Ad

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