Salvia, Amranth, and Cats in the Magick Garden!

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I am awed that the seeds I planted in May have created these towering flora (photos below!), that arrived along with the annual heat wave (about 90 degrees Fahrenheit/ 32 degrees Celsius + a high humidex…about 110/40 degrees in my 4th floor [highest of my building] apartment), so at dusk each evening I haul several buckets of water out to quench the monsters that used to need a teapot of water each day at dawn.  The cats think they’ve found Eden, and spend parts of the day and most of the nights sleeping in the coolest area of my rental property!  I have made them a feeding trough of grass, and they are as happy as I am, since my emancipation from the most oppressive institution I have enver encountered (more so than social assistance, criminal justice, and student loans bureaucratic institutions) 😛 , namely Simon Fraser University. Now, off to a body of water where I can swim!  The bittersweet beauty of the last weeks of August…if I could only put them in a jar…

Hot kitties lounging on the cool pavement

Bouquet Bandioler Sunflowers

Cat Grass Feeding Trough is Well-Used

Amranth, also known as “kiss me under the garden gate” or “love lies bleeding”…this year, “it’s love lies bleeding” :sad: , but this has no negative effect on its beauty…and it’s a perennial, so next year it will be taller and have a new name :)

Morning Glories Waking Up

Morning Glories Going Back to Sleep

Sunflowers and Painted Lady Bean Vines (these are crazier than morning glory vines – they threaten to take over without careful redirection every evening!)

Black and Blue Salvia (not the kind that gets you high, the word “salvia” just means sage!  Salvia Divinorum is the intoxicating variety.)

I wish I could somehow post the scent of its succulent leaves and flowers! Laundry time!  The few tiny dresses appropriate for this weather must be washed every effing day 😛

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jenniferlreimerSalvia, Amranth, and Cats in the Magick Garden!

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