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vintage ritalin ad vacuumOh, the fun we have had with medical advertising images…


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to go straight to the largest collection of psychiatric medication images, dating back to 1898, available in one place on the Internet!  More here, and here.

Have any of you seen the new “Viibryd” antidepressant (they’ve put an SNRI and a dopamine agonist similar to Abilify in one capsule! What a revolutionary treatment!!! :p ) promotional material? If you haven’t, you must check it out… this antidepressant seems to be marketed to men (at least very “meterosexual” men). Most likely because it is an antidepressant  medication with no sexual side-effects!  Check out these medical advertising images from the new Viibryd official site:

viibryd medical advertising images

These images are named “Hero” (1,2, and 3) …interesting…



viibryd-logoAww… doesn’t this “new” pill just make you all warm and fuzzy inside already?

I await the print ads and TV commercials eagerly.

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery, and if you wish, make a fantastic school project using the images I have collected over the past 3 years.  They are open to interpretation, what’s yours?

…More on the way!  (…there always is!)


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jenniferlreimerMedical Advertising Images

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