Family of Choice: Blood May Be ‘Thicker’, But Without Water We Would Die

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family of choice

(Based on “The Importance of Family of Choice“, published in Gonzo Times, by Michael Orion Powell, 04/02/2014) Both my wife and I came close to a terrifying sexual assault by a drug addicted lunatic in our apartment building Wednesday evening. Jennifer also has a final MRI set to show what is causing her extreme back pain today. I also have … Read More

jenniferlreimerFamily of Choice: Blood May Be ‘Thicker’, But Without Water We Would Die

Forms of Subtle Invalidation

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forms of subtle invalidation

As is true of most things we experience in life, good and bad, emotional invalidation may be overt, but there forms of subtle invalidation.  It is hard for me, personally, to call subtle invalidation worse or better than obvious invalidation. The tricky thing about subtle invalidation, is that the person(s) who use it lie at two extreme ends of the … Read More

jenniferlreimerForms of Subtle Invalidation

Effects of Emotional Invalidation

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effects of emotional invalidation

I am currently dealing with the effects – a list of these can be found at the end of the article – of emotional invalidation (click here for definition), past and present, and it is difficult for me to write about the topic.  It is ironic, or, better put, synchronous, that I overhear this quotation, as I type with the … Read More

jenniferlreimerEffects of Emotional Invalidation

From the Vault: “Families… Histories, Mysteries, Consistencies.”

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divorcing your children

My dad since ripped these down and threw them in the trash.  “I thought they reminded you of bad memories!”, was his excuse.  Instead of apologizing, he tried to make me feel sorry for him – the humanitarian, making sure nothing triggered a panic attack or episode of PTSD.   Well, these collages were symbols of the best times of … Read More

jenniferlreimerFrom the Vault: “Families… Histories, Mysteries, Consistencies.”

“Please Don’t Tell Me Anything Else, You’re Making Me Depressed.”

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survivor woman scarred but strong

Have you heard these words come out of the mouth of a “friend” when telling him/her about events in your life?  I thought that friendship was all about such sharing of life experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I missed the notice that topics like car accidents, physical and/or mental illness, death in the family, domestic violence, problems … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Please Don’t Tell Me Anything Else, You’re Making Me Depressed.”

Emotionally Invalidating Environments

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emotionally invalidating environments

We live in a society that is typified by emotionally invalidating environments. At times it seems that it is actually just one big emotionally invalidating environment, made up of smaller institutions that exercise their own particular  brand of emotional invalidation, varying from schools, stores, sidewalks, and – perhaps worst of all – homes. What is emotional invalidation? < e·mo·tion·al in·val·i·date·tionˈ(mōSHənəl/ inˈvaliˌdāt/shun> Emotional … Read More

jenniferlreimerEmotionally Invalidating Environments

Recovering From Emotional Invalidation

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The sadness is so heavy.  I want to jump out of my body so that I don’t have to feel like this. Be careful what you want, I lost my mind for 3 days.  Lost any concept of my “self”.  I asked, “Who is me???”  I saw patterns in everything, I felt close to death, haunted, maybe.  Haunted by the … Read More

jenniferlreimerRecovering From Emotional Invalidation

Sick, Starving Artists/Mental Health Consumers Need Your Help!!

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domestic abuse experience when i was a ghost expats post

See the post that has gotten tens of thousands of views, a verbatim copy below, on Expats’ Post. 11/22/13: This is now the second most viewed post on Expats’ to date. An amazing personal accomplishment, and I truly hope I have given other domestic violence victims the strength to move on, no matter how terrifying it may be. Unfortunately, I … Read More

jenniferlreimerSick, Starving Artists/Mental Health Consumers Need Your Help!!

Emotional Abuse and Invalidation

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emotional abuse and invalidation

(What is Emotional Invalidation/Abuse?  Click Here.) I’ve been feeling really off, lately.  I know precisely why.  Over a period of seven months, I am embarrassed and shocked to say  – I should know better, always, I should know better, but I’m loyal to a fault and cling far too much to the good times and do not pay enough attention … Read More

jenniferlreimerEmotional Abuse and Invalidation

Emotional Invalidation Definition & Signs of Abuse

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is it emotional abuse

I have graciously borrowed this incredibly important information about the most detrimental and devastating kind of abuse – psychological abuse and emotional invalidation – because this information needs to be spread.  We cannot accept emotional abuse, it wears at our bodies, minds, and kills one’s spirit. The games that invalidators and abusers are identifiable, though when one is in the throes … Read More

jenniferlreimerEmotional Invalidation Definition & Signs of Abuse

The Pygmalion Effect and the Looking Glass Self

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A new post is up on my partner site,  It describes the Pygmalion Effect, the kind of invalidation that occurs when someone has lower expectations of you than you deserve, or believes something about you to be true, though it is not.  This often leads to a “self-fulfilling prophecy” situation.  Children who are told that they will do poorly … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe Pygmalion Effect and the Looking Glass Self