Family of Choice: Blood May Be ‘Thicker’, But Without Water We Would Die

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family of choice

(Based on “The Importance of Family of Choice“, published in Gonzo Times, by Michael Orion Powell, 04/02/2014) Both my wife and I came close to a terrifying sexual assault by a drug addicted lunatic in our apartment building Wednesday evening. Jennifer also has a final MRI set to show what is causing her extreme back pain today. I also have … Read More

jenniferlreimerFamily of Choice: Blood May Be ‘Thicker’, But Without Water We Would Die

Forms of Subtle Invalidation

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forms of subtle invalidation

As is true of most things we experience in life, good and bad, emotional invalidation may be overt, but there forms of subtle invalidation.  It is hard for me, personally, to call subtle invalidation worse or better than obvious invalidation. The tricky thing about subtle invalidation, is that the person(s) who use it lie at two extreme ends of the … Read More

jenniferlreimerForms of Subtle Invalidation

Effects of Emotional Invalidation

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effects of emotional invalidation

I am currently dealing with the effects – a list of these can be found at the end of the article – of emotional invalidation (click here for definition), past and present, and it is difficult for me to write about the topic.  It is ironic, or, better put, synchronous, that I overhear this quotation, as I type with the … Read More

jenniferlreimerEffects of Emotional Invalidation

From the Vault: “Families… Histories, Mysteries, Consistencies.”

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divorcing your children

My dad since ripped these down and threw them in the trash.  “I thought they reminded you of bad memories!”, was his excuse.  Instead of apologizing, he tried to make me feel sorry for him – the humanitarian, making sure nothing triggered a panic attack or episode of PTSD.   Well, these collages were symbols of the best times of … Read More

jenniferlreimerFrom the Vault: “Families… Histories, Mysteries, Consistencies.”

Emotionally Invalidating Environments

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emotionally invalidating environments

We live in a society that is typified by emotionally invalidating environments. At times it seems that it is actually just one big emotionally invalidating environment, made up of smaller institutions that exercise their own particular  brand of emotional invalidation, varying from schools, stores, sidewalks, and – perhaps worst of all – homes. What is emotional invalidation? < e·mo·tion·al in·val·i·date·tionˈ(mōSHənəl/ inˈvaliˌdāt/shun> Emotional … Read More

jenniferlreimerEmotionally Invalidating Environments

Recovering From Emotional Invalidation

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The sadness is so heavy.  I want to jump out of my body so that I don’t have to feel like this. Be careful what you want, I lost my mind for 3 days.  Lost any concept of my “self”.  I asked, “Who is me???”  I saw patterns in everything, I felt close to death, haunted, maybe.  Haunted by the … Read More

jenniferlreimerRecovering From Emotional Invalidation

Little Sister, Still Glad you Came…Oh, Little Sister, You’ll Forgive Me One Day

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tori amos suede

When I was “good enough”, though far from any fantasy, of her’s, of his, of anyone’s.  Of mine.  Of mine… I sat next to little sister, little daughter, little gotta few friends, in this same theatre in Toronto, watching Tori.  She did not perform this song that night, but she did last time I saw her.  It was hands down … Read More

jenniferlreimerLittle Sister, Still Glad you Came…Oh, Little Sister, You’ll Forgive Me One Day

Pulled by Autumn, Chasing the Harvest Moon

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taking off and landing

“Can’t stop what’s coming, can’t stop what is on it’s way.  Not even you, can stop what’s coming, can stop what is on it’s way.” – Tori Amos I pushed and pushed and pushed all summer, but I’m a tiny thing, and it was not until Autumn grabbed me, that I found the copper ring.  It’s amazing how we cannot … Read More

jenniferlreimerPulled by Autumn, Chasing the Harvest Moon

Shuntaro Tanikawa, Balmoral Hall Reviews, and Other Unwanted Responsibilities

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balmoral hall

The analytics that Google allows any website owner to use for free are powerful, though you do have to teach yourself how to use the software.  Over the past four years, creating and recreating Practice of Madness I have learned a lot more about everything from programming languages to statistics to marketing tactics – all in an attempt to reach the … Read More

jenniferlreimerShuntaro Tanikawa, Balmoral Hall Reviews, and Other Unwanted Responsibilities

I Don’t Talk Much: Memorial Day, Part One – Of Flags, Freedom, and Truth

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For my first Memorial Day Weekend here I slept, slept, would have gone outside but it was cold and rainy (of course today the rain stopped for the first time in days, and it will be sunny and in the low 90s for the foreseeable future) and I downloaded some new music and watched a movie.  Yes, I am that … Read More

jenniferlreimerI Don’t Talk Much: Memorial Day, Part One – Of Flags, Freedom, and Truth

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jenniferlreimerEmotional Invalidation Questions & Definitions