Fluoride Dangers – Should You Stop Drinking Tap Water?

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fluoride death

Hi everyone.  My name is Jennifer L. Reimer, and I am… a fluoride addict. Even worse, I don’t care. I do care about my teeth though.  When I moved to the USA in February, 2013, I stopped drinking fluorinated water because no one drinks tap water on the east coast, but folks prefer to consume it in plastic bottles.  Anyone … Read More

jenniferlreimerFluoride Dangers – Should You Stop Drinking Tap Water?

From the Vault: “Families… Histories, Mysteries, Consistencies.”

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divorcing your children

My dad since ripped these down and threw them in the trash.  “I thought they reminded you of bad memories!”, was his excuse.  Instead of apologizing, he tried to make me feel sorry for him – the humanitarian, making sure nothing triggered a panic attack or episode of PTSD.   Well, these collages were symbols of the best times of … Read More

jenniferlreimerFrom the Vault: “Families… Histories, Mysteries, Consistencies.”

America, Made in China

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I looked at this at first and asked myself – is this real? Unfortunately, it was. America, made in China, 100% cotton, 100% insane.

jenniferlreimerAmerica, Made in China