Tori Amos Plays “Datura” Live?

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And now for a little Tori, and a little scarsarestories… Anyone else have a tear in their hand after she sings, “I dyed my hair red, today”?  A few days after I saw Tori at the Orpheum in Vancouver last December (2011, “Night of Hunters Tour”  ), she played “Take to the Sky” at another Orpheum theatre a little farther … Read More

jenniferlreimerTori Amos Plays “Datura” Live?

Magick in the Garden: The Story of the California Bluebells

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I have an intense passion for blue flowers.  I think I was a blue flower in a past life.  Before I moved to British Columbia, I lived in Winnipeg, the coldest city in the world, when population is measured against temperature.  Moscow is a close second, and Winnipeg is not a big city by any stretch of the imagination while … Read More

jenniferlreimerMagick in the Garden: The Story of the California Bluebells

New Scars, New Stories

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After laparoscopic surgery, performed by the walking Goddess of things “hyster-“, Dr. Catherine Allaire, involving only four little incisions that will leave much tinier scars than those that I ripped myself, into my arms and legs, five and a half years ago, I am uterus-free! This means I will be pain free for the first time since I was fifteen … Read More

jenniferlreimerNew Scars, New Stories

The Sunlight on the Garden

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Last summer, I searched and searched and searched and searched…literally, typing various “boolean operators” into Google to find a poem that I thought would save my life.  It was all tied up in the magick garden by which the computer sat, and, of course, the car crash of an end that was my last relationship.  I knew it was by … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe Sunlight on the Garden

Magick Garden Number Two! More gardening with the goddesses…

jenniferlreimerThe Garden

With 2 other creative minds and 4 times the space, the garden will be teeming with magick all summer in 2011.  Bulbs mean flowers in February and some even only flower during the winter.  Colour all year long.  It doesn’t have to be in the sky!  Indeed, this is my intended home.  For now, the amranth is still bright pink … Read More

jenniferlreimerMagick Garden Number Two! More gardening with the goddesses…

Bleed not for the Memories

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Love lay bleeding, despite 2 weeks indoors.  I hope the sun brings its vibrant coulour back. Yet another adventure in being of “tenant” not “owner” status when renting.  The monthly apartment check-up to see if any repairs beed to be in (i.e. inspection).  Surprisingly, I have had a great experience living in a building with a manager, owned by a … Read More

jenniferlreimerBleed not for the Memories

Salvia, Amranth, and Cats in the Magick Garden!

jenniferlreimerThe Garden, Transcend

I am awed that the seeds I planted in May have created these towering flora (photos below!), that arrived along with the annual heat wave (about 90 degrees Fahrenheit/ 32 degrees Celsius + a high humidex…about 110/40 degrees in my 4th floor [highest of my building] apartment), so at dusk each evening I haul several buckets of water out to … Read More

jenniferlreimerSalvia, Amranth, and Cats in the Magick Garden!

The Magick Garden Morphs into a Magick Jungle!

jenniferlreimerThe Garden

A friend recently commented that my magick garden has become a “magick jungle”. 😆  I do not think I’m worthy of the compliment of having created a jungle on my porch, but here are some new pictures of what started with a few pots, seeds, and a newfound love for digging my hands into the Earth.  Taking care of the … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe Magick Garden Morphs into a Magick Jungle!

Ethnobotanicals Versus Pharms

jenniferlreimerEffexor: Evil?, Meds, Meds, Meds!, The Garden

The note from the editor is priceless! Not exactly what you read on pharmaceutical labels.  So much more honest.  Witty!  Benevolent! Could the recent uprise in websites selling ethnobotanical/entheogenic plants be seen as a, perhaps unintended, but still, a reaction to the rise and slight fall of “cheap pharmaceuticals” from places like good ol’ Canada, mostly sold to Americans without … Read More

jenniferlreimerEthnobotanicals Versus Pharms

Losing my Mother and Grandmother; finding them in the magick garden.

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Three Generations of Women in the Garden Until I was watering the magick garden today, and felt water and mud under my feet, I had never thought about the gardens of my mother and grandmother.  We lived in Winnipeg.  Winnipeg’s climate is painfully cold; actually, the highest population for a city that cold in the world.  Moscow has nothing on … Read More

jenniferlreimerLosing my Mother and Grandmother; finding them in the magick garden.

Magick Karma in the Garden

jenniferlreimerEast Van, The Garden

I was happy to add a few sprigs of bamboo to the garden, and then with great synchronicity, lovely Lily told me that free bamboo is lying by the sidewalk at Grant St. and Commercial Drive, here in East Vancouver (go grab some before it’s all gone if you live in the area!).  Huge sticks of freshly cut bamboo that … Read More

jenniferlreimerMagick Karma in the Garden

Datura: Tori Amos’s Garden

jenniferlreimerMad Music, The Garden

In the song “Datura”, Tori Amos lists some of the plants that grow in her own magick garden.  Alarryyk has ordered Datura seeds to add to our own Datura plant to our magick garden.  Datura is classified as a “deliriant”, much stronger than Black Henbane.  Anthropologists like Carlos Castaneda have said that one must develop a relationship with a Datura … Read More

jenniferlreimerDatura: Tori Amos’s Garden

Magick Garden Growing Like Mad

jenniferlreimerThe Garden

The magick garden continues to amaze me every day.  There was one thing missing – bamboo.  Unfortunately, it costs over $100 to buy a pot of living bamboo, which is definitely not in my budget range, and quite ridiculous considering that bamboo is actually the world’s fastest growing weed.  Today I found a goldmine!  A trash bag full of bamboo … Read More

jenniferlreimerMagick Garden Growing Like Mad

Get rid of aphids without pesticides!

jenniferlreimerThe Garden

The natural way of preventing aphids from destroying your plants and their lovely leaves – ladybugs! Ladybugs are non-toxic, and pretty damn cute.  They also love to eat aphids. You can buy them from garden stores for very cheap prices – we got 250 ladybug beetles for $12.99! (Note: one of my favourite pots in the background, made from a … Read More

jenniferlreimerGet rid of aphids without pesticides!

Where to get great seeds…

jenniferlreimerThe Garden

As I only discovered my love for gardening this year, I was not aware of the many websites that sell various rare and heirloom seeds (aside from ethnobotanicals :wink:).  Check out Inspired Creatives to get some new seed ideas and websites – I did, and I’m already excited for next spring’s planting season! I never realized just how creative one … Read More

jenniferlreimerWhere to get great seeds…