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My Personal Favorite – The 16 Jungian Types:

What are you?


ISTJ – The Duty Fulfillers
ESTJ – The Guardians
ISFJ – The Nurturers
ESFJ – The Caregivers
ISTP – The Mechanics
ESTP – The Doers
ESFP – The Performers
ISFP – The Artists
ENTJ – The Executives
INTJ – The Scientists
ENTP – The Visionaries
INTP – The Thinkers
ENFJ – The Givers
INFJ – The Protectors
ENFP – The Inspirers
INFP – The Idealists

I have become rather obsessed with the 16 Jungian personality types, and how they can help us understand one another for better relationships, better methods of teaching individual students, more informed career choices, etc.  I plan to develop a database for resources on the types – I am an INFP, “The Questor” or “Idealist”, the least common type, accounting for 2.2% of the population – that will be connected here, of course.

jung personality test

  For now, take the test, and just enter your four letter type into a google search – and prepare to read a disturbingly accurate description of your strengths and weaknesses.  And don’t get all worried about the weaknesses – everyone has them, and awareness is the first step towards improvement. This is my favorite Jungian type quiz

50 questions, go with your gut, there are no right or wrong answers, just don’t over think it.  It’s okay, I’m “almost always” disorganized, too!


***New 12/12/13:

What Percentage of Your Left Brain Do You Use, and What Percentage of Your Right?

Today I have for you this fascinating little test that I found in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry –– well, on their Facebook page,anyway.

Are you right or left brained?  Are you sure about that??  

I was wrong!

right or left brained test

These are some of the most used psychiatric and psychological exams that psy-entists use to determine whether someone is fit to serve as a police officer, if a wo/man is best suited to the front lines or the strategy table in war, and, more benignly, to see what career a high school senior might be best suited to.  More detail with tests listed below…

 Penn State University Positive Psychology Tests (20)

Penn State University’s Center for Positive Psychology has made 20 personality tests, the theme of level of contentment running through all of them.  Professional tests provided by an Ivy League school.  What more could one ask for? 😉

Chinese Personality Analysis

Chinese personality analysis goes deeper than you may think.  The Chinese Zodiac cycle is 80 years long, and your analysis will provide tips for getting along with family, raising children, your career, and even tips for redecorating your home.  I was surprised by how accurate I found my own Chinese personality analysis.  I’m a wood rat, by the way.  What are you?  Click below.

Free Sample Chinese Personality Analysis from Astrology.com!

Helen Fisher’s 4 Personality Types for Relationships

I’m a negotiator.  Well, I’m sure in need of direction, the type I’m matched with.  This is a fun and interesting quiz. Listen to clips of interviews and lectures by Helen Fisher on this site and YouTube.


Attachment Styles – Experience of Close Relationships Scale (ECR)

One of, if not the, most influential traits on personality and the potential for problems.  Heavily influenced by our upbringing and trauma.  I needed the next one to cheer me up after this!  “Fearful” doesn’t bode well…


Handwriting and Personality

Just a little broad.  Fun, though.  One thing I do is apply a lot of pressure when I write.  Explains manic episodes, evidently.


“The Big Five” ….which are openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, extroversion, and agreeableness.

You may be able to guess which of these five I score very poorly on.  Oh, and openness, which I always thought was a good trait, is evidently correlated with some disorder or another.  Your turn!


Machiavellianism Test (MACH-IV)

Sounds a little hokey at first, but this, again, is a tool used by law enforcement going up to the level of the CIA.  It tests whether or not, like Machiavelli, one views the world as a place to be manipulated by his/her will, and for his/her own benefit.


“Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory”: The original “personality test:

that was used in an attempt to judge emotional stability during World War I.


Harrower-Erickson Multiple Choice Rorschach Test: 

No list would be complete without a Rorschach test or two!  Proven to be, well, completely useless, the original purpose of this test was to screen military personnel for any psychological disturbances.  I don’t know, I do not see the two little scottie dogs.  It looks like menstrual blood to me but that is not on the list of options… please do tell me if you see scottie dogs… and then mail me a hit of whatever it was you took! 😆

Holland Code (RIASEC) Test: 

A commonly used test, the RIASEC test takes to position that personality is reflected in occupational choice.  At the end you will get three “top domains” of career aspiration that are well-suited to your personality.  Or so they say… I still have to take this one, too.  You rate the tasks it describes on a scale, judging whether or not you would be inclined to, say, work with animals, or work with tools.  Pretty straightforward, yet can be very helpful.


Emotional Intelligence Test: 

Emotional intelligence, or “E.I.” was very en vogue about ten years ago when it was used in schools for the first time.  Its popularity in the mainstream continues, though the original rush is over and most will go through school without hearing about E.I.  Emotional intelligence measures our ability to interact with others and take the perspective of another human being, among other things.  These skills are incredibly important, and can prevent violence, suicide, homicide and other tragic events.  Some clinical psychologists argue that all parents should be educated in E.I. before having children, or even making the decision to have kids.  Enough said.

IPIPNEO Personality Test:

The what??  It’s kind of fun to say, actually.  IP-IP-NEO.  Though I still do not know what this stands for, as it is never explained and I’m lazy – Google it if you really need to know 😉 – the IPIPNEO Personality Test is the most thorough test on this list.  It rates individuals on the “big five” – agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, extraversion, and conscientiousness – but breaks each of these into six sub-facets.  Thus, give yourself forty-five uninterrupted minutes to complete this test.


Four Temperaments Test:

Based on the four temperaments that Ancient Greek medicine utilized, this test has never been scientifically validated in any way.  I was happy with my result (sanguine) – it described me quite well, so who needs science and math?  You mean I learned all of that and studied for not hundreds but thousands of hours…  😡

...and more on the way as soon as I track them down – if you happen upon any serious personality quizzes and inventories located on the web, please let me know by filling out a quick form…

Fake Plastic Me

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