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Practice of Madness Magazine is currently accepting your submissions on any of the topics that I mention in the “Why?” section; to repeat:

  • advertising for pharmaceuticals

  • art and artists

  • (any/all) corrupt institutions

  • dishonest medicine(s)

  • diagnoses (labels) like bipolar disorder

  • images (advertising and others)

  • examples of everyday madness/life

  • family

  • feminism (Earth)

  • friendship

  • laughter

  • money

  • sorrow

  • transcendence

…or anything else related to “mad person”, “mad system”, or “mad world”.

My preferred method of receiving submissions, whether they are writing, art, or creations using other media, is by mail.  I must get a PO Box, however, so hit “donate” before filling out this form.

I kid.

Fill it out, won’t you?

You can expect a response to your submission within two weeks.  If you do not receive a response, it does not mean anything other than “She is really busy and has to sleep sometimes”.  I will respond as soon as possible, even if I don’t have anything nice to say.  And I always have something nice to say, don’t I? 😉
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