Stigma and Antidepressants

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I am collecting the stories of people like me who have been stigmatized – called names, shunned, harassed, etc. – by family, friends, and/or strangers because, like me, you take antidepressants and/or other psych meds so that you can live like a “normal person*”. (*almost…sometimes…kind of…) From the Practice of Madness Facebook Page: ” I’m called a pill popper by some … Read More

jenniferlreimerStigma and Antidepressants

YOU Know Your Body: Buh-bye Epival and Remeron, Hi there, metabolism!

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Just a quick check-in regarding the taper I planned in the previous post.  For the past two days I have taken half of the dosage of Epival, and half of the dosage of Remeron, that had been prescribed to me in the hospital.  On these drugs I felt a naturally high metabolism start to lag to a near stop.  I … Read More

jenniferlreimerYOU Know Your Body: Buh-bye Epival and Remeron, Hi there, metabolism!

Fukitol Versus Despondex

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As I continue to power through the never-ending, black tunnel of my current existential crisis/quarterlife crisis/”what the eff am I going to do with my life, where the eff am I going to live, is it already too damn late?!?” crisis, having much fun most of the time and smiling a whole lot and talking to strangers despite it all, … Read More

jenniferlreimerFukitol Versus Despondex

Japanese Pharmaceutical Ad Gallery

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I’ve been searching for these for a long time.  Finally, here they are!  Not DTC (Direct to Consumer), but only appearing in medical journals for doctors in Japan.  Note the intriguing differences! Haldol (strong antipsychotic): Clonazepam/Klonopin (sedative): Diazepam/Valium (sedative): Mellaril (antipsychotic – the misspelling probably has something to do with trying to convert English words into Japanese Katakana.  The letters … Read More

jenniferlreimerJapanese Pharmaceutical Ad Gallery

Some choice vintage psych med ads!

jenniferlreimerAds and Commercials

(Smith and Kline are still around!  French is on the payroll, but Glaxo has replaced him. :sad:) (scars is unstable…but it doesn’t rhyme :sad:) (indeed, it would be hard to maintain carrying this paper bag teeming with groceries in high-heels without an antipsychotic! :sad:) (…then along came Prozac to “welcome us back” :))

jenniferlreimerSome choice vintage psych med ads!

ALERTEC? Seriously? No, Seriously?

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…as I just said to my lovely former supervisor and spirit sister who sent me this information – first “Abilify”, now “Alertec” – why don’t they just start calling the stuff SOMA outright, already? Gross.  Really Gross. An antidepressant/psychostimulant extraordinaire, I’m sure.  Guaranteed to affect even more neurotransmitters than Effexor. Hallelujah! Please, don’t take this…Effexor has permanently damaged my brain … Read More

jenniferlreimerALERTEC? Seriously? No, Seriously?

Documentary: The Drugging of Our Children


A few new good documentaries found for today! “The Drugging of Our Children” focuses on AD(H)D, and violent acts performed by children and adolescents while on SSRIs.  Not exactly new news, but very well put together, a number of researchers and doctors with different opinions are interviewed, and the use of the fMRI to detect “mental illness” is discussed, for … Read More

jenniferlreimerDocumentary: The Drugging of Our Children

“Kokoro no kaze” – the **creation** of “depression” in Japan

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When Big Pharma wanted to open up the (huge) Japanese market to antidepressant sales, they first had to create the concept of “depression” in a culture and language where it previously did not exist.  There were words for profound sadness and grief, but these would not be things the Japanese would be open to taking pills for – they’re spiritual … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Kokoro no kaze” – the **creation** of “depression” in Japan

My all-time favourite antidepressant ads

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Depression may be related to a chemical imbalance.  Thanks, Zoloft.  Apparently this drug also magically makes the weather change. Ef-fix-or?!? Why all of the images of children?  Oh, right, this one was never released for TV.  Oops! Welcome back?!?! Another pill that changes the weather!!! The “disorder” formally known as “shyness”… but your LIFE is waiting!!! And that all came … Read More

jenniferlreimerMy all-time favourite antidepressant ads

Not Seroxat, Symbyax! finally…the prozac/olanzapine in one pill pill!

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Seroxat… they decided to name it “Symbyax” instead, and it’s been approved!  It’s the combination of Prozac and Olanzapine (strongest atypical antipsychotic) in one pill, and is being marketed as an “antidpressant” for those who have “treatment resistant depression”. I’ve been ranting about this for some time, but I will continue to do so! Prozac is an SSRI, a “selective … Read More

jenniferlreimerNot Seroxat, Symbyax! finally…the prozac/olanzapine in one pill pill!

Alas, it is the day from hell once again…

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I say this lightheartedly. Every semester has one…that day when you couldn’t quite schedule classes such that not much time has to be spent on campus.  Last semester was much worse, I admit, when I had the night class that almost derailed my career Wednesdays from 5:30 pm -9:30 pm (I preferred to call it an evening of “enhanced interrogation … Read More

jenniferlreimerAlas, it is the day from hell once again…