How I Pulled Myself Out of the Gutter: Part One (The Gutter)

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Part One is Dedicated to Wendy M. that I met at the “Hotel Vic” (unit six and Winnipeg’s Victoria General Hospital) and who has been a close friend ever since: For reminding me what a friend really is, and believing in me when I no longer believed in myself. Part One: The Gutter – Destruction, Discrimination, Death-Wishes January through April, … Read More

jenniferlreimerHow I Pulled Myself Out of the Gutter: Part One (The Gutter)

RSVP: Répondez, S’il Vous Plaît (No, I am not going to my high school’s ten year reunion)

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Once in a while we meet people that we can truly be ourselves around.  I think that when we spend time interacting with such people, we get to know ourselves better which is somewhat ironic because these tend to be the people that we find the most genuinely interesting.  We get excited when we talk to each other: There is … Read More

jenniferlreimerRSVP: Répondez, S’il Vous Plaît (No, I am not going to my high school’s ten year reunion)

…but could not address: 3 (“Love is Won”)

jenniferlreimer...but could not address.

Dear old friend, So, I agree with Lia Ices, Love is Won, fellow mystic [hu]man.  You and other friends have won mine, though no one that I am actively friends with right now (in regular communication with, planning visits in the not-too-distant-future, etc.  ) has known me for as long as you have: half my life, as of this October … Read More

jenniferlreimer…but could not address: 3 (“Love is Won”)

…but could not address: 2

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Love, I think I’ve figured a few things this week, in no small part because of our conversation…(we should talk more often!! powerful, even two people can be… ). I think my near death experiences, as well as my experience researching psychedelics (yes, reading a lot more about them than doing them….hehe, i’m serious!!), have opened my eyes to my … Read More

jenniferlreimer…but could not address: 2

This Is The Song (That Never Ends)

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Once upon a time there was a disillusioned grad student, screen name: scarsarestories.  Blocked from carrying out a government scholarship funded project on children and psychotropic medications by a right-wing educational institution, she decided to start a blog.  She had never wanted to write for an “academic <cough> elitist <cough> <ahem!> audience” before, anyhow, she wanted her words and opinions … Read More

jenniferlreimerThis Is The Song (That Never Ends)

Lady Lazarus Revived

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So, there’s this amazing woman, with whom I share much in common, that so far, I’ve met every ten years.  We are not bad for one another, but actually very, very good for each other, at least so far, and my mom was a smart woman and she felt our friendship was important (I learned from Lady H. last week).  … Read More

jenniferlreimerLady Lazarus Revived

Knowing Where Home Is

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I now know, once and for all, where my home is – it’s where my heart is, just like “they” told me; as soon as I stepped off the plane into YVR (Vancouver airport in Richmond, BC – a Greater Vancouver Area “bourough”, as they call such sprawling urban spaces) and I was met by friendly people.  I almost missed … Read More

jenniferlreimerKnowing Where Home Is

How to turn lead into gold, back in East Van.

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I like this a lot! I found this, walking down my street (says “B.C. GAS”  )  : I flipped it over: And I did this! That’s more like it!  A beautiful addition to Magick Garden 2.0 (pictures of this year’s yet to be posted) for $3.99.  Yellow roses mean “I’m sorry”, apparently.  Yellow roses have always been my favourite.  Before … Read More

jenniferlreimerHow to turn lead into gold, back in East Van.

Alienated from my species-being no more! Friendship, movement, home.

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Moving day tomorrow.  The nomad has used up one more residence, in that the memories that coat these walls like cigarette smoke have reached the unbearable point.  Interesting, that a break-up with a lover did not push me away – I wanted to stay here very much, although the money-factor was always unrealistic, in an apartment that finally looked less … Read More

jenniferlreimerAlienated from my species-being no more! Friendship, movement, home.

Thank-you, Disillusionment

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Anam Cara and I remembering the ’90s, couldn’t help but post a song we happened to both be thinking of lately.  “How ’bout those transparent dangling carrots.”  Oh Alanis, only you – it made my lady think of a shower curtain or a rear-view mirror hanging thing…I always thought it was a reference to a vibrator.  Again, Freud rolls over … Read More

jenniferlreimerThank-you, Disillusionment

My “BFF” and I …(“though shalt not be honest?”)

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I spoke about my newfound inability to be anything but brutally honest with the people around me, including (those who are supposed to be) my friends.  I have also written about my troubles with female friendships (pretty much exclusively with heterosexual women).  The combination was an “accident waiting to happen” – a car crash in the works.  It was fulfilled … Read More

jenniferlreimerMy “BFF” and I …(“though shalt not be honest?”)