Tell Me Your New Year’s Resolutions!! Here Are Mine…

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Happy 2012, all!  Oh, how you have enriched my lives during the one that has just passed…I think the growth of this little community was the most positive part of 2011 for me – pretty damn awesome – though the year in general was a pile of horseshit.  Three months of homelessness, my first hospitalization at the psych ward in five … Read More

jenniferlreimerTell Me Your New Year’s Resolutions!! Here Are Mine…

“Are We There Yet??!” My Last Days on Effexor XR

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Just as I was about to shout from the rafters that I’m down to 112.5 mg of Effexor XR, down from an initial dose of 600 mg, and a steady dose of 450 mg for almost exactly seven years, and better yet, will soon say goodbye once and for all to the substance that has done nothing but make me … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Are We There Yet??!” My Last Days on Effexor XR

“Walked into the Winter, Came Out on the Other Side…”

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Sing it, Conor! Today in Vancouver: I was released from the psychiatric ward at St. Paul’s Hospital, and the sun came out, releasing the crocuses from the ground – how poetic.  I feel like I should post seperately about a litany of issues that arose upon my exit from this specific institutionalization, some (one? :gila:   ) positive, the rest negative, … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Walked into the Winter, Came Out on the Other Side…”

Jesus Christ, He is Risen!

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Important: This is not a joke at religion, just as it is not a  joke at the mentally ill, but it’s damn funny, so read on! Every time I’ve been in the psychiatric ward, so has Jesus.  I am completely a-religious myself, and have spiritutual tendencies towards the magic that lies in the cyclical tendencies of nature, the Goddesses and … Read More

jenniferlreimerJesus Christ, He is Risen!

New Page: The Journal of a Lost 19/20 Year-Old (2005)

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A quick note to tell you that I have finally created a page that encompasses the 200+ page word document that kept me alive during the beginning of my psychiatrization, and some of the scariest times in my life…

jenniferlreimerNew Page: The Journal of a Lost 19/20 Year-Old (2005)

The Richmond Hospital P.E.U. – a psych ward for each season! :p

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[show_avatar [email protected] align=left] *Big sigh*.  Well, I finally found a reason to take the “Canada Line” skytrain, built for the 2010 Olympic Games, here in Vancouver – in B.C., “The Best Place On Earth”! – to visit Alarryyk at the Richmond General Hospital, where he was taken after a short stay at another hospital around 70 mile house. “They did … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe Richmond Hospital P.E.U. – a psych ward for each season! :p

musings from bed…

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…I was given no post-op instructions except for “if you shower, blow dry those bandages on your belly!”  How often must I be reminded of how inhuman Western “medicine” is.  I had to look them up myself on the internet…they seem rather important: sleep as much as possible for several days, do not bend down but lift everything with your … Read More

jenniferlreimermusings from bed…

Scars emergency surgery…

jenniferlreimer"Health Care", Feminism and Madness

Hello all…I promised to have the blog updated daily and to paint the walls…I will finally be able to do so. I went to the emergency room Sunday night, had emergency surgery for my “pelvic pain” – looks like when I had the “DNC” (see post “The Medicalization of Everywoman” from the December archives) they did not thoroughly remove my … Read More

jenniferlreimerScars emergency surgery…

How to Meditate


I successfully meditated for the very first time a few nights ago, something I thought I was simply incapable of, like being hypnotized – a couple of times I have been called up to the stage to participate in being hypnotized by a *professional* (I am typing on our old iBook whose quotation keys do not work, thus I will … Read More

jenniferlreimerHow to Meditate

I started singing out loud.

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When Alaryyk was in the hospital over the “Holiday/Merry Capitalism Season” and into January the bus trip to visit him (at another University Campus) took an hour sometimes, and when visiting hours were over we could only push things so far.  This album grew on me and this song made me decide to become “one of those people” that sings … Read More

jenniferlreimerI started singing out loud.

My 2005 journal, “The Borderline Papers”

jenniferlreimerLonger Stories

The Borderline Papers Part One: Winter January 28, 2005 If only I could pinpoint the moment when the mirror flipped on me. “You’re the best, Jen.”  There’s a slight hint of caution in her voice that would probably go unnoticed by anyone else.  And that tiny pause before she replied.  She’s made this statement not because she believes in the … Read More

jenniferlreimerMy 2005 journal, “The Borderline Papers”

Disability Assistance and Suicide, 2006

jenniferlreimer"Health Care", Mad Society

After which I got off of “disability” and believed I “would never be depressed again”… heh that one had to come kick my ass at some point…glad that’s over now… Then: 3:49 pm.  The pile of clothes on my bedroom floor threatens to crumble.  It is mid-winter in the midwest and the sky is a striking dark grey.  I smell … Read More

jenniferlreimerDisability Assistance and Suicide, 2006