Wanderlust, Medicalized.

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I meant to write a post about “wanderlust” long ago, for the most part to show you this amazing music video.  If you do not like Bjork just turn the volume off and put on some music that you do like: Unfortunately, wanderlust, from the German, making me think of Nietzsche wandering the alps and thinking of all the things … Read More

jenniferlreimerWanderlust, Medicalized.

Mad Medicalization: Boobies, Butts, and Big Toes

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As those who know me on facebook and twitter (those who don’t – please join my conversations in those settings if you would like to!  ) already know, I was going to write a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey for my next post.  Then, I realized that, potentially, it would be taken seriously by young women.  Yes, I, too, … Read More

jenniferlreimerMad Medicalization: Boobies, Butts, and Big Toes

That’s nuts.

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This is intended to be read after reading Alaryyk’s post below. How anyone could fathom that pointing rifles at someone’s head with K9 units’ foaming mouths looming behind them could be in any way conducive to “mental health”?  One of the complaints that friends of Alaryyk had been making before this police intervention occurred was that he had been “acting … Read More

jenniferlreimerThat’s nuts.

Ugh….is it all in my head?

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The next month is going to be a tough one.  3 6000 word length papers to write, 2 major presentations, 3 smaller papers, 48 hours of research assistant work that is waaaay overdue…oh, and major surgery!  I will continue to blog as much as possible, and I will post most of that work here when it is finished, as, of … Read More

jenniferlreimerUgh….is it all in my head?

(Hilarious) Vintage Effexor XR Ad

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One benefit of the fact that magazines in doctors’ offices are usually at least 5 years old is you get to look at old ads!  When I found this Effexor XR ad from the late-1990s, when it was still being marketed as an anti-anxiety medication, I had to have it.  Alaryyk and I posted it on the back of our … Read More

jenniferlreimer(Hilarious) Vintage Effexor XR Ad

DSM-IV-TR – your doctor has a copy, here’s one for you!


DSM IV TR Here is a free copy of the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – the Bible of Psychiatry. Everyone should have a copy, just as almost every household had a copy of the Malleus Malificiarum (“The Witch’s Hammer) during the Dark Ages.  Even if you have never been diagnosed with a mental … Read More

jenniferlreimerDSM-IV-TR – your doctor has a copy, here’s one for you!

DSM-V: “Mental Health” in 2013

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Cheers to Lori for sending me this link to the latest information on the DSM-V from the APA. A rude interruption to a relaxing Friday evening that I felt I must write something about immediately. I had been concerned with the new “spectrum disorder” shift, regarding “mood” and “personality” disorders.  It’s in here – you no longer have to fit … Read More

jenniferlreimerDSM-V: “Mental Health” in 2013

“Selling Sickness” – Full-Length Documentary


selling sickness big pharma

Selling Sickness is my personal favorite documentary about the problem with the pharmaceutical industry operating under  a “science for profit model… I struggle with the obvious spin of others like “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death”.  It is not medicine or needing medicine that is “wrong” – it is the faults of a system where medicine is produced by corporations more … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Selling Sickness” – Full-Length Documentary

Parents *love* to film their “bipolar children” and post the videos on youtube!

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Here are some more videos of children afflicted with “Pediatric Bipolar Disorder” found on youtube.  Kids being kids, or kids with a psychiatric illness requiring strong medication?  You decide.  You know where I stand on the issue. What is painfully obvious is that the parents of these children love to grab the camcorder, video-tape their bipolar behaviour in action (often … Read More

jenniferlreimerParents *love* to film their “bipolar children” and post the videos on youtube!

“Bipolar Kids”…

jenniferlreimerBipolar, Child Psychiatry

…so they cry and throw temper tantrums, and act “silly” at times?  I don’t know about you, but this makes it sound to me like all children are “bipolar”.  I better let Pfizer, Eli-Lily, and Astra-Zeneca know about my epiphany at once!!!

jenniferlreimer“Bipolar Kids”…

The Antichrist: Janice Papolos

jenniferlreimerBipolar, Child Psychiatry

The co-author of The Bipolar Child….(recall, her husband is a psychiatrist, she takes a liking to public speaking) Warning: Do not seek out the full DVD unless you want to hear this woman speak at length about her and her psychiatrist husband’s “perfect life”, the phenomenon particular to Pediatric Bipolar Disorder of “Sleep Inertia” (trouble getting out of bed in … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe Antichrist: Janice Papolos

GREY Rape is what they are calling it …Letter of Complaint #7 – Dear Sir, Why are women accused of lying when they are raped? Or are blamed for the event?

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A letter of complaint for me!  How lovely… this guy used to get me blackout drunk when I was 19…he was about 40.  I didn’t know that we had been intimate together until he informed me.  Anyhow, years later, I am 24 and living in Vancouver, and he contacted me because he was going to be coming my way, and … Read More

jenniferlreimerGREY Rape is what they are calling it …Letter of Complaint #7 – Dear Sir, Why are women accused of lying when they are raped? Or are blamed for the event?

Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: Psychiatry’s Newest Creation (“Discovery”)

jenniferlreimerAcademic Work, Bipolar, Child Psychiatry

I am reposting this for anyone who wasn’t able to view it during the week, as I think making this information known is so important.  A new post is on the way, but please read this in the meantime, if you haven’t already. When I wrote the proposal for my M.A. Thesis in 2008, on the new phenomenon of “Bipolar … Read More

jenniferlreimerPediatric Bipolar Disorder: Psychiatry’s Newest Creation (“Discovery”)

Journals from my first hospitalization (the only “voluntary” one out of five)…how naive I was…

jenniferlreimerEffexor: Evil?, The Psych Ward

At precisely eight am a nurse knocks on a door and I am awoken. “Doing alright in here?  We’ll bring you breakfast in about an hour.” A few minutes later the lights brighten andd I start to cry because time is regulated the same way on flights across the International Date Line, triggering memories of Japan, of a day when … Read More

jenniferlreimerJournals from my first hospitalization (the only “voluntary” one out of five)…how naive I was…

Psy-“Experts” – Give me my baby back!…very, very short institutional ethnography…

jenniferlreimerThe Psych Ward

After two wonderful days with my fiancee in our lovely new home, with our kitties, good food, good books, adventures (of course!), a return to “normalcy” for the first time in months, due to the structure of the mental health system and its complete and utter ineffectiveness in HELPING people, taking into perspective LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES, and, above all else, treating … Read More

jenniferlreimerPsy-“Experts” – Give me my baby back!…very, very short institutional ethnography…