How To Live Forever (Dedicated to Mr. Dan Kooner)

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I have told lots of different stories about life and society before, and I have used many different storytelling media, from essays to letters, and advertisements to artwork.  However, I am quite sure that I have never written a fable.  Has it taken me twenty-seven and one half years, and too many scars for me to keep count of, to … Read More

jenniferlreimerHow To Live Forever (Dedicated to Mr. Dan Kooner)

“I must admit, I’ve become quite the addict.”

jenniferlreimerThe Psych Ward

Says Anne Sexton, and say I, as I continue the mind-bending process of coming off Effexor.  Indeed, I am so f’d up, that my gay boyfriend, who I met and married in the psych ward, who says I am beyond flaky and is looking for new blood, had to stop me from writing “of Effexor”.  It’s time to “cruise dinner”.  For me, … Read More

jenniferlreimer“I must admit, I’ve become quite the addict.”

Responsibilization? More adventures in psychiatry and the doctor’s office…

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After much ado about nothing, I finally obtained a steady supply of codeine for my severe menstrual cramps, brought on by the fact that taking an atypical antipsychotic for three years pressed the stop button on my reproductive system.  Now it’s making up for lost time by torturing me for seven days out of each 28. This only took one … Read More

jenniferlreimerResponsibilization? More adventures in psychiatry and the doctor’s office…

Some choice vintage psych med ads!

jenniferlreimerAds and Commercials

(Smith and Kline are still around!  French is on the payroll, but Glaxo has replaced him. :sad:) (scars is unstable…but it doesn’t rhyme :sad:) (indeed, it would be hard to maintain carrying this paper bag teeming with groceries in high-heels without an antipsychotic! :sad:) (…then along came Prozac to “welcome us back” :))

jenniferlreimerSome choice vintage psych med ads!

Advertising for Psychiatric Drugs

jenniferlreimerAds and Commercials, Bipolar

The most popular topic on this blog thus far is (after reviewing my detailed statistical analysis :lol:) – psychiatric advertising, past and present.  If this is getting folks here to hear our message of mad pride, I think the gallery of print ads should be expanded.  I have gathered a number of ads, but as a community, I bet we … Read More

jenniferlreimerAdvertising for Psychiatric Drugs

Insomnia and “The Dilemma”

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As I am writing this post at 2:49 am, Pacific Standard Time, the reason for this topic is rather obvious – I cannot sleep. Only this time, I don’t have an answer as to why sleep will not have me.  I’ve gone through the lists of meds, side-effects, and interactions, which usually leads to some understanding of why my body … Read More

jenniferlreimerInsomnia and “The Dilemma”

Conduct Disorder Camp?

jenniferlreimerChild Psychiatry

I have a confession to make…I’m an “ER” aficionado.  Even though I can’t stand the way “mental illness” is portrayed in the series.  How many times do we hear one of the fictional docs scream, “5 of Haldol, stat!“? However I’ve never done any kind of content analysis on the longest-running medical drama series created by Michael Crichton.  I started … Read More

jenniferlreimerConduct Disorder Camp?

The “Evil Stepmother”

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…someone I haven’t written very much about before, but find myself needing to do so today for catharsis. Last night, an e-mail response from her crushed me like an insect from 2000 miles away. I decided I would try to be civil with her after moving away from the city where she lives, to please my dad and make things … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe “Evil Stepmother”

Alas, it is the day from hell once again…

jenniferlreimerAcademia is Nuts!, Ads and Commercials, Meds, Meds, Meds!

I say this lightheartedly. Every semester has one…that day when you couldn’t quite schedule classes such that not much time has to be spent on campus.  Last semester was much worse, I admit, when I had the night class that almost derailed my career Wednesdays from 5:30 pm -9:30 pm (I preferred to call it an evening of “enhanced interrogation … Read More

jenniferlreimerAlas, it is the day from hell once again…

Journals from my first hospitalization (the only “voluntary” one out of five)…how naive I was…

jenniferlreimerEffexor: Evil?, The Psych Ward

At precisely eight am a nurse knocks on a door and I am awoken. “Doing alright in here?  We’ll bring you breakfast in about an hour.” A few minutes later the lights brighten andd I start to cry because time is regulated the same way on flights across the International Date Line, triggering memories of Japan, of a day when … Read More

jenniferlreimerJournals from my first hospitalization (the only “voluntary” one out of five)…how naive I was…

“Letters of Complaint: The Art of Getting What You Deserve as a Human Being” – Letter #2

jenniferlreimerScars' Letters of Complaint

February 6, 2010 Mr. Dan Kooner c/o Shopper’s Drug Mart/D. Kooner Pharmacy 1755 Broadway E. Vancouver, BC V5N1W2 Dear Mr. Kooner, First of all, I would like to thank you and your pharmacy staff for accommodating my medical needs, beginning last July.  Yet my reason for writing this letter is a very unfortunate, and, to be frank, quite disturbing one.  … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Letters of Complaint: The Art of Getting What You Deserve as a Human Being” – Letter #2