Psychology Tomorrow Magazine Update: Stanley Siegel Speaks

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“…probably more bile…” During my brief time working with Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, a publication I had to walk away from when I learned that it was trying to publish all of my Practice of Madness posts without any compensation.  I was not even getting “buzz”.  The first post I donated to their daily blog caused their Facebook click through rate to … Read More

jenniferlreimerPsychology Tomorrow Magazine Update: Stanley Siegel Speaks

Advertising. Or Make a Donation and Get a Chapter of Inkling.

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You may have noticed that I am posting some articles advertising relevant things (at least I think so) that jive with my ethics.  Every woman needs a John. And what does pride have to do with my beggary, anyhow?  Everyone is a beggar, a pay check and a half away from hungry, nearing credit limit with the Internet Service Provider, … Read More

jenniferlreimerAdvertising. Or Make a Donation and Get a Chapter of Inkling.

See You Soon…


Practice of Madness is going professional… For the 3-year anniversary of POM coming up in May, some significant changes are being made.  Enjoy the archives while I work on Inkling: Transmissions from a Lost and Found Life and help redesign what is going to be an experience like no other “blog” out there…. Be well, friends, scars XO

jenniferlreimerSee You Soon…

Practice of Madness on BlogLovin’


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Hipstamatic, “How Do You Party?” Contest

jenniferlreimerScars' Art

Agree that we party “Before, After, and During the Storm[s]”? Like this photo? …then please click here and tweet/like or both to vote for my photo in this latest Hipstamatic Contest. :kiss

jenniferlreimerHipstamatic, “How Do You Party?” Contest

Practice of Madness Back in Business

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It is July first, marking the end of Giving Month.  Thank-you to all who donated – you truly make a difference.  The donation can will remain near the top of the sidebar on this newly designed page, as your future donations will continue to keep this site alive, and fund my current book project, “Inkling/Manic“.  One component that will be … Read More

jenniferlreimerPractice of Madness Back in Business

Giving Campaign, Week Two…Time to Step it Up!


Dear readers, I know it’s a hell of a lot more fun to read an article or watch a documentary than arrive at a URL only to see someone with their virtual “cap” out, aside an Internet version of a sign made out of cardboard.  Unfortunately, one cannot exist without the other facet in today’s economy. I desperately need your … Read More

jenniferlreimerGiving Campaign, Week Two…Time to Step it Up!

Sister/Brother, Spare A Dime?


Click on the piggy bank on the right sidebar below the Giving Campaign Notice to donate with Paypal® in a few very easy steps!  :kiss ALSo, Please enjoy the documentary film about morgellon’s disease all month long (YES, THAT DISEASE WHERE NEON-COLOURED FIBRES BEGIN TO GROW FROM ONE’S SKIN…BE SURE TO READ MY COMMENTARY, TOO…  ). I shall repeat a … Read More

jenniferlreimerSister/Brother, Spare A Dime?

Practice of Madness Amazon Store – Can be used in U.S.A. too!


Just a quick note to let you all know that if you’re buying something from Amazon, and instead of going directly to their site, wouldn’t mind dropping by here first and typing the name of the item you’re searching for into my own little search box on the right, which will automatically take you to the website where all … Read More

jenniferlreimerPractice of Madness Amazon Store – Can be used in U.S.A. too!

What is the “Practice of Madness”?

adminMad Society

…a double entendre. We are a couple of certified “madpeople”, but are also graduate students in the Sociology of Medicine, Psychiatry, and “Madness”.  Thus, we “practice madness” in our daily dealings in society – one that is quite mad, itself. Psychiatry, on the other side of the coin, is also a “practice of madness”, as we are doled our brain-disabling … Read More

adminWhat is the “Practice of Madness”?

I don’t quite know what “Twitter” *is*, but…

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Scarsarestories (under this name) is now on “Twitter”! I don’t know what Twitter is for exactly, I absolutely cannot stand that “tweet” has become a very oft-used verb, but apparently it can be a good way to get the word out. I am “following” one other blog from the “health section” – by far the only one that looked like … Read More

jenniferlreimerI don’t quite know what “Twitter” *is*, but…