A Day for a Mad Girl’s Love Song

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Mad Girl's Love Song Sylvia Plath

This is one of my all-time favorite Sylvia Plath poems, right up there with “Poem for a Birthday”. Sylvia who shares my birthday as well as the ten -year cycles that she writes about in Lady Lazarus (I wonder if she had the three-year cycles, too).  As I approach the age she was when she committed suicide I cannot help … Read More

jenniferlreimerA Day for a Mad Girl’s Love Song

April, Bipolar Women, and Persephone: Good News for Everyone…

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…trickle down economics invent Sky Gods that throw paper down from storm clouds.  It turns out that invented Gods will not save a market in a “waning” phase.  “Growth” is not supposed to be limitless, in fact, if it were, unpleasant death would befall every single person caught in the cancer. Maybe it’s the growth that surrounds me that has … Read More

jenniferlreimerApril, Bipolar Women, and Persephone: Good News for Everyone…

Sex, Lies, and my “Quarter-Life Crisis”

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I don’t believe I’ve ever shared the story of my 25th birthday, and how it ended in a fit of despair, loneliness, and self-doubt on  this blog before.  Since the events of the evening that led up to this “crisis”, if we must call it that – much more like a spiritual feeling of being pulled apart by horses – … Read More

jenniferlreimerSex, Lies, and my “Quarter-Life Crisis”

Attack of the Emotional Vampire!

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I have one more point to put forth about emotional vampires: They really don’t like to be called emotional vampires Thus, by doing so, whether you say it to their face, or put it in print somewhere, is an excellent way to get rid of them!  Actually, certain types of emotional vampires are so prone to hearing only what they … Read More

jenniferlreimerAttack of the Emotional Vampire!

Can you overdose on atypical antipsychotics? What about Trazodone?

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One of the major benefits cited when atypical antipsychotics were released (almost the only ones prescribed these days, including “Abilify”, “Risperdal”, “Zyprexa”, “Seroquel”, and “Clozaril”  ) was that no one could die from an overdose of any of these new drugs. This was a lie.  The pharmaceutical industry telling lies?  No way… I cannot find the number of people who … Read More

jenniferlreimerCan you overdose on atypical antipsychotics? What about Trazodone?

New Documentary on Medicating Kids – Get it while you can!

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This video may not be available for very long, so watch/download it ASAP! You may be familiar with Louis Theroux’s BBC series, including “Weird Weekends”.  Theroux travels to a location where a disturbing or just plain bizarre subculture exists, and films the people involved, while also participating himself – I suppose he’s a bit of an urban anthropologist.  He has … Read More

jenniferlreimerNew Documentary on Medicating Kids – Get it while you can!

Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath biographies, 2002

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sylvia plath anne sexton

(Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath helped me survive that year of my graduation, 2002.  Before I decided to become a sociologist, I planned to study literature and poetry.) 15 March 2002 A poem is defined as a metrical composition concerned with feeling or imaginative description.  Women have most likely been writing poems since the very beginnings of time, in effort … Read More

jenniferlreimerAnne Sexton and Sylvia Plath biographies, 2002

“SWF seeking… suicide?”

jenniferlreimerMad Society

When I was searching for statistics regarding how many “bipolar” patients on Lithium take their lives by overdosing on the drug, as well as how many psych. patients in general take a successful overdose of any substance compared with those who choose Lithium, I did not find any statistics; Instead, what immediately popped up were many pages giving advice on … Read More

jenniferlreimer“SWF seeking… suicide?”

“Memory Lane”

jenniferlreimerThe Psych Ward

The best song I’ve found thus far that describes the psych ward experience.  Elliott Smith killed himself after a fight with his girlfriend by stabbing himself several times in the chest.  Many assume that he died of a heroin overdose, but he had stopped using for a year.  Lyrics below. This is the place you end up when you lose … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Memory Lane”

Disability Assistance and Suicide, 2006

jenniferlreimer"Health Care", Mad Society

After which I got off of “disability” and believed I “would never be depressed again”… heh that one had to come kick my ass at some point…glad that’s over now… Then: 3:49 pm.  The pile of clothes on my bedroom floor threatens to crumble.  It is mid-winter in the midwest and the sky is a striking dark grey.  I smell … Read More

jenniferlreimerDisability Assistance and Suicide, 2006