No More Broken…

jenniferlreimer...but could not address.

love letter

I do not know if you can hear me right now. I can only take care of one person right now: me. You desperately need to do the same. I cannot take one more threat, one more beating, or one more crisis. I thought we were taking care of each other for many months. But the moment I am not … Read More

jenniferlreimerNo More Broken…

Me, There, Then: Part Three

jenniferlreimerLonger Stories

blue pill red pill Downtown Eastside Vancouver

Here are Parts One and Two if you missed them! Continue with Part Three: …The girl that I had been a mother to since my mom first became ill, the girl I taught how to read and how to write, the girl that I played dolls with all day while my friends were out, doing teenage things, the girl that … Read More

jenniferlreimerMe, There, Then: Part Three

Me, There, Then – Part One (Warning: Explicit Drug Use)

jenniferlreimerLonger Stories

smoking crack

More, now, from the files that I hammered out on my keyboard last fall, maybe on this exact day, alone in my tiny apartment in the tiny town called Trail, deep in the Canadian Rockies, so deep that any major city was a four hour drive away.  I had moved there to escape Vancouver.  I have never written in detail … Read More

jenniferlreimerMe, There, Then – Part One (Warning: Explicit Drug Use)

Healing Does Not Happen Fast

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Our lives are essentially healing journeys, I’ve been reminded by fellow writer Andréa Hector-Brown, and her fabulous blog “Life Is A Science Experiment”.  My mentors, past and present, have told me the same thing, though each has had their own particular way of putting it.  I am a very visual person, so one description that has stuck with me, though … Read More

jenniferlreimerHealing Does Not Happen Fast

…but could not address: 3 (“Love is Won”)

jenniferlreimer...but could not address.

Dear old friend, So, I agree with Lia Ices, Love is Won, fellow mystic [hu]man.  You and other friends have won mine, though no one that I am actively friends with right now (in regular communication with, planning visits in the not-too-distant-future, etc.  ) has known me for as long as you have: half my life, as of this October … Read More

jenniferlreimer…but could not address: 3 (“Love is Won”)

“Have You Taken Your Meds Today?”

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Alas, a question that us psych patients have heard far too many times – after all, one time is “too many” – from our nearest and dearest.  However, it was no one near, nor dear, that, very bizarrely, popped the question to me the other day.  An “anonymous” prank phone caller, after eerily listing off a list of women’s names in monotone … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Have You Taken Your Meds Today?”

Only in East Van…

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Fellow Vancouverites/visitors to the city, as well as those who have other locally situated “real life dramedy/entertainment”-type anecdotes to share for the sake of self-deprecation and laughter, I invite you to do so in the comments section, as this is the first in what I’m sure will be a lengthy series of short posts, intended to capture short exchanges that … Read More

jenniferlreimerOnly in East Van…

East Vancouver Pharmacy Robberies Go Unreported

jenniferlreimerEast Van, Mad Society, Meds, Meds, Meds!

My own life has been polluted by thieves of various sorts lately as well – some very real, others mere specters, and elusive ones.  Every time I think I have my thumb on the right page they grab the book from me.  This explains why I have not written anything of substance for some time, but it does not explain … Read More

jenniferlreimerEast Vancouver Pharmacy Robberies Go Unreported

Rogers Wireless (is Evil), Wicca (is Not), and Invincibility

jenniferlreimerScars' Letters of Complaint, Transcend

Hi Aunt R., Rogers Wireless is direct debiting money from my account after sending me letters stating that I owe them in excess of $1000 for walking away from my contract.  I have, of course, called them and launched a formal complaint, however, I was not able to get anywhere with them re: more immediate refund.  Since the last conversations … Read More

jenniferlreimerRogers Wireless (is Evil), Wicca (is Not), and Invincibility

The Twenty Year-Old (and the Sixty-Five Year-Old)

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The Twenty Year Old (and The Sixty Four Year Old) My sister finally made an appearance at my dad’s house “for Christmas” after being absent for my entire ten day visit, including Christmas dinner.  I was flabbergasted that she is not fed words by my father that would induce a guilt trip – each morning during my visit, when he … Read More

jenniferlreimerThe Twenty Year-Old (and the Sixty-Five Year-Old)

“Are We There Yet??!” My Last Days on Effexor XR

jenniferlreimer"Health Care", Effexor: Evil?, Meds, Meds, Meds!, Other Survivors, Psychiatrists

Just as I was about to shout from the rafters that I’m down to 112.5 mg of Effexor XR, down from an initial dose of 600 mg, and a steady dose of 450 mg for almost exactly seven years, and better yet, will soon say goodbye once and for all to the substance that has done nothing but make me … Read More

jenniferlreimer“Are We There Yet??!” My Last Days on Effexor XR

“You’re Fired”: Why I Hate Donald Trump, but Love Firing a Bad Psychiatrist

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When I was released from the hospital, here in Vancouver – St. Paul’s denison of horrors to be specific – in February, one condition of my freedom was that I see a psychiatrist at one of the regional hubs for “mental health team” intervention in the city.  I had tried utilizing this service once before, when I first moved here, … Read More

jenniferlreimer“You’re Fired”: Why I Hate Donald Trump, but Love Firing a Bad Psychiatrist


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The whole city of Vancouver has been incredibly heavy for several weeks now, heavy with grey humidity that seemed it would never go away until this weekend when the sun came out of hiding, heavy like the bags of cans that more and more residents carry – two huge garbage bags on each shoulder that will amount to enough change … Read More