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“Practice of Madness” was once a double entendre.

Persons diagnosed as “mad” practice madness in their everyday lives but the “health care” system responsible for the title and the solution was also mad, what a perfect topic for a sociologist of mental health with a fat grant and a bright future to muse about.  Then the world went crazy.  

Things happened too fast.  Too fast for anything to be thought about before it was done.



Other folks have said that we live in a “mad world“.

A whole lot of others call people like memad“.

Without medication, I have a brain condition that will result in death.

About 20% of the people with my condition, up a staggering 400% over 10 years – about 5.4 million Americans – will die of this condition.

The ways in which one may die from the condition are varied, but one thing is common among all deaths.


I would put a gun in my own mouth before I faced it at another human being.  It turns out, this makes me more alike other Americans.  Isn’t a “disorder”, by definition, something unlike the rest?

Yeah, everyone loves to talk about the 11,000 people that shoot one another in the USA every year.

No one talks about the 35,000 that shoot themselves.

suicide gun deaths

Is the world we live in causing us to act “mad”?

Do certain people have diseases that cause suicide?

What is different about me, why am I “BIPOLAR”?

Enter pharmaceutical companies.


How can you blame a corporation for having a single goal?


Wait, pharmaceutical.  That means they will be responsible for the science to make the medicines that cure disease.  Well, they'll take good care of us, ship the samples to Africa, or something.  Guinea pigs.  Somewhere far away and darker.

They're going to do what to other Americans?

crazy pills practice of madness

Selling pills that cure nothing but cause withdrawal when you try to stop taking them?

Spending more on advertising than on new science, to sell more pill to more people instead of curing more sick people?

Creating thousands of pills that do not cure, but create dependence - and sales?

Money, as it so often is, oil to water when it comes to the mixture of it with what the pharmaceutical corporations are responsible for...

Science + Profit(∞) = ??

there's more....

One woman, alone, cannot change the system

jennifer l reimer practice of madness

It is mythologized that at least two others must join me.

Aside from bringing down "Big Pharma" singlehandedly,this magazine is about various topics under the umbrella of:

"mad world", "mad person", and "mad system":

  • advertising for pharmaceuticals

  • art and artists

  • (any/all) corrupt institutions

  • dishonest medicine(s)

  • diagnoses (labels) like bipolar disorder

  • images (advertising and others)

  • examples of everyday madness/life

  • family

  • feminism (Earth)

  • friendship

  • laughter

  • money

  • sorrow

  • transcendence

 Every move I make is madness, and with each movement I redefine my label, and my label redefines me.  My mind shifts again about the whole thing.  Maybe I should try ECT.  Maybe Effexor is God.  Maybe I am.

practice of madness bipolar jennifer l reimer

Maybe we all are.

I don't know.

I do know one thing, though:

Once you are called "crazy" it will not wash off.

Did you realize when you walked into that doctor's office that you would never again...

I believe this magazine offers something to all marginalized peoples - everyone, really, if you keep reading 😉 - as we navigate a mad world and share this experience.

We might as well talk about it.  It could even be interesting!

for information on submissions click here

scarsarestories, 2013

art by deviantartists, unless otherwise indicated

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